Danau Batur

The Danau Batur also known as the Lake Batur is one such amazing Tourist Attraction in Bali. Spread on the gigantic 13 kilometer long crater, the Danau Batur in Bali is the largest one among the 4 mountain lakes of Bali.
Set in Kintamani in the Bangli District and very close to Central Bali, the Danau Batur in Bali spreads over 8 kilometers in length, 3 kilometers in width and 65 meters in depth. The Danau Batur in Bali in Indonesia is fed by 11 springs and lies about 500 meters below the crater rim. The crater on which the lake lies also houses the Gunung mount.

The Danau Batur in Bali is considered sacred by the natives of the island. People worship the Goddess of the Lakes, Ida Batara Dewi Ulun Danu at the Pura Ulun Danu Batur temple that stands on the crater rim. The hamlets that surround the lake are known as 'bintang danu' that precisely means 'stars of the lake'.
Its hardly takes about an hour's time to get to the location of the lake if you take the road from northeast of Denpasar. The roads that encircles the lake offers scintillating views of the lake and the exotic environment. You can get to the lakeside from the crater rim via Penelokan.
Bali's Danau Batur is one of the most picturesque locations in the island. You are sure to fall for the natural beauty of the place the very moment you see it with your own eyes.


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