Batuan in Bali is the famous Balinese style of painting. Again the Batuan area features the foundation of ancient dance drama known as Gambuh. Performances are held at the Pura Desa Temple on the 1st and 15th of every month.
Batuan in Bali in Indonesia stands on the main road that leads to Ubud from Denpasar, which is the capital city of the province. The regency of Gianyar and the center of Bali also lie close to Batuan. The Pura Puseh in Bali's Batuan exhibits the exotic art of stone carvings. Batuan in Bali also features the Dewata Art Shop that is a must see for art lovers. The Dewata Art Shop specializes in wooden relief work.

The Batuan style of art is prominently based on Wayang, a term that is denoted from traditional Indonesian theater. The Batuan artists namely Ni Wayan Warti, Wayan Bendi and Made Budi establish a statement about Balinese life. This reflection of the Balinese life includes the tradition and heritage of ancient Bali and also the contemporary scenery of the thriving tourism industry in the island. The other Batuan artists of the older times like Ida Bagus Made Wija and Ida Bagus Made Togog depicted the supernatural side of Balinese life that projected the powers of nature and spirits.
Batuan in Bali is certainly the place that will offer you the information about the culture and tradition of the island.


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