Bali Zoo

Bali is a house to numerous parks, museums, art galleries and cultural centers. Apart from Sightseeing in Bali, tourists also enjoy visiting the innumerable ancient buildings, caves, temples and other such attractions in the island. The Zoo is also among the most important Amusement Places in Bali. The Bali Zoo is a wildlife conservatory. Over 350 species of mammals, tropical birds and reptiles find their abode in this amazing Tourist Attraction in Bali.
The Bali Zoo in Indonesia stands on 3.5 hectare of spacious natural landscapes featuring tall trees, thick vegetation and grasses. This natural habitat avidly promotes wildlife conservation and offers shelter for the endangered species. The Bali Zoo protects over 200 indigenous animals from the Asia Pacific including kangaroos, primates and Sumatra tigers within its premises. The birds found in the zoo are Cockatoos, Cassowary, Bali Starling, Peacocks and other Asian bred species. The reptiles found here are the python, green snakes, Iguanas and the komodo dragons that are the largest living lizards found only in this country.

The landscape also features a wide variety of plants like the Kayu Putih, Mengkudu, Cendana, Cengkeh, Matoa and so forth that are used to make herbal medicines. Cooking ingredients like Melinjo, Salam and Lemo are also found here apart from things like Bambu, Perasok, Coconuts, Nagasari, Lontar, Majegau, Kuning and Palm Uduh and so forth that are utilized for ceremonial occasions.
The Bali Zoo also includes on site restaurant where you can relax after a long walk on the lush green landscape. You can enjoy delectable Balinese cuisines and other seafood and vegetarian preparations at the restaurant of the zoo. The Bali Zoo is surely a must visit for all the tourists in town.


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