Potong Gigi Ceremony

The further information about the purpose of “Potong Gigi” (Mepandes) ceremony can be found in Kalapati manuscript. In short, it states that there are six teeth in the upper jaw that are scoured by using gerigi, namely the two canine teeth and four incisors.
It symbolized the self-awareness to control the Sadripu (the six enemies) in human soul. Those are Kama (desire), Lobha (greedy), Krodha (furiousity),  Mada (intoxicated) Moha (swollen), and Matsarya (jealousy). The uncontrolled Sadripu will endanger the human’s life.

That is the reason why it becomes the parents’ responsibility to suggest the child and wish to Hyang Widhi to be avoided from the affect of Sadripu. The meaning is implicitly sates in Kala Pati, Kala Tatwa and Semaradhana mythology that human must aware in his life.
It is important in order not to get lost or far from his religion teaching (dharma) so that the holy spirit can reach the heaven together with the ancestors’ spirit become in unity with Brahman (Hyang Widhi).The Semaradana also rules the relationship between  man and woman must stay in line with the norm.
The “Potong Gigi” ceremony is usually conducted together with the Ngeraja sewala ceremony or normally called the ‘menek kelih’ that is a ceremony to show the appreciation to God because the child has become mature, leave the childhood and become teenager.


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