Waterbom Bali

The pristine island city has amazing amusement parks to keep children and parents entertained all day. One of the most interesting amusement parks in Bali is Waterbom in Bali.
The amusement parks in Bali are perfect representatives of the natural splendor of the country. Great minds saw the potential of harnessing Mother Nature and all her wonders and converted vast areas of fertile land into amusement parks that have since inception contributed majorly to the development of the tourist industry.
Waterbom Amusement Park is one of the most important amusement parks in Bali. A paradise for children, it is capable of making adults take a walk down memory lane and remember their childhood. It is known of this amusement park in Bali that parents too get lost in the entertainment activities with their children.

The amusement parks in Bali provide 101 ways of enjoying activities on land and in water. Slice through crystal-blue waters with your competitors right behind you to overcome you and reach the end-line.
Try out all theme-based games and rides on land and re-discover a world that you left behind when you closed the book of Peter Pan.
The amusement parks in Bali work as interesting sightseeing in Bali. These amusement parks throw light on the Bali Government, the tourism industry and the desire of the country to welcome the whole world into their jewel of a country.


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