Bali Reptile Park

Bali National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary pulls fairly large number of visitors due to its wide collection of rare birds and animals. The Reptile Park of Bali is spread over huge area. The Bali Reptile Park is an awesome world of reptiles, which we often watch in TV.
The park is open everyday and it will cost you US$ 30.00 per person to enter the Bali Reptile Park. This park is a widely visited by tourists and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Guides are available who can speak in different foreign language at the information center inside the park.
You can have a close look at the fearsome King Cobra, Mambas, deadly vipers and an 8 meter Reticulated Python in the Bali Reptile Park. The park authority will give permission to touch the less venomous reptiles like the gentle iguanas. You will also have a rare glimpse of the famed Komodo dragon in this park.
The Bali Reptile Park also gives information about how to conserve this kind of rare and endangered species from extinction.


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