Pura Dasar, Bali

Bali's a mesmerizing yet spiritual culture goes back to a thousand of years ago and continues to grow today, despite being a tremendously popular tourist destination in the world. Bali Travel Guide will give you detailed information on Bali so that you can plan you trip in advance. Indonesia promotes Bali Tourism all over the world that attracts thousands of tourists every year to visit this small heaven on earth. Once in Bali you a lot to discover and explore in such an exotic land. Besides the beaches, you can visit the temples, ancient monuments; parks etc

Bali has earned itself recognition and has undergone much development. Its natural beauty, the colorful Balinese Hindu festivals and the friendliness of the people lure vacationers to visit Bali again and again.
Pura Dasar in Bali is erected in the 13th-16th centuries during the 300 years of the Majapahit Empire in Gelgel. The only remains of Pura Dasar in Bali are the immense courtyards with little facts relics of its former glory. Pura Dasar in Bali is a popular venue for festivals and celebrations. Pura Dasar, Bali is a temple for ancestral worship and open to everyone irrespective of place in society. Temple anniversary celebrations include two major festivals.


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