Sumiati Ekspor Internasional

Manufacture, wholesale, trade and sell Indonesian made giftware item to many countries around the world, such Bali handicrafts, Bali windchime, Bali wood carving, kites, fashion jewellery, women hand bags, capiz item, suncatcher, mirror, ornament, spa sets, candles, mobiles, drums, and many other handicraft products. We have a large selection of items in a wide variety of categories. Our product development team is coming up with new and exciting products daily.
    Prices Quoted FOB. Easy to calculate landed cost. All packing clear and safe. Please take a look at our sections in this website why buy from us for more details.
    We believe in ethical and fair trading and do our best to follow what we consider to be the principles of this belief. We follow all government regulations. We also share information with all our suppliers and attempt to educate them on the tenets of Fair Trade. We work together with some of our customers in community projects aimed at schools and orphanages in our area.

Web site : Sumiati Ekspor International
Speciality : Glass ornament, Hanging chimes, Mosaic, Beaded Accessories


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