Pura Pusering Jagat

Pura Pusering Jagat in Bali treasures precious Hindu antiquities, cultural relics, exquisite statues of gods and goddesses and numerous other remains. In early times, this place was believed to be the naval of the world, a position of high spiritual significance. This sets the right reason for erecting a grand temple to observe religious rites and worshipping.
Just like other temples of the island, Pura Pusering Jagat in Bali consists of several shrines and courtyards limiting the external area reserved for general assembly and festive performances from the inner sanctum for gods. The entrance gate called "Candi Bentar" in Balinese language is highly ornate with sculptures and fine patterns.
The most important feature of Pura Pusering Jagat Temple in Bali is a carved stone vessel depicting a scene from Hindu epic "Mahabharata". To know more about other temples of the island, see Bali Travel Guide.


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