Puputan Square

Puputan Square in Bali in Indonesia is one of the ancient squares with a historical tale behind it. The word "Puputan" means ending. It is located at one of the strategic places, near the site where one of Bali's most grand palaces once stood. Puputan Square in Bali has an interesting story behind it. It is been said that the square has been built in honor of the Balinese people who showed their resentment against the Dutch and put up a brave stand against them. At the time of Dutch arrival in Bali in 1906, the Balinese decided to take a firm stand against them and as such led by the King of Denpasar they chose to commit suicide rather than surrender. Historic facts reveal that about 4000 Balinese people, including the royal family of Bali died and so began Dutch rule.
With a legendary tale behind it, Puputan Square in Bali has become one of the most important sites for all the travelers who wish to go for Sightseeing in Bali. The square had been built to commemorate the spirit of the Bali people, by laying down a monument of a man, woman and two children. The tombstone depicts the bravery of Bali people in taking a firm but futile stand against the Dutch aggressors. The park is a popular scenic spot in Bali where the visitors can take recourse in some moments of peace and respite far from the din and hustle bustle of the city.


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