To get to this reef you have to drive in to the town itself and then weave your way south, there are a couple of other good waves in this area also so it pays to do a bit of exploring.

Season - Wet Season (October - April)
Swell Direction - South
Ideal Size - 4 - 8 ft
Best Winds - West North West
Break - Nusa Dua is a popular break in the wet season so can get crowded.  Best thing with this break is that the actual reef stretches over a very large area and there are at least three or four take off spots to surf. Even though this is a popular break in the wet season it is not as crowded as the popular dry season breaks as it is also a low season for visiting surfers.  The waves are powerful with good tube section but be warned that the break usually has a very strong current running and this usually works against you and gives you a lot of work to do to stay on your take off point. The reef is almost a kilometer offshore so it is better to hire one of the local boats to reach the break in comfort.


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