To reach Medewi you have to drive north west from Kuta for around 2.5 hours in hellish traffic conditions. As this is the main traffic artery between Java and Bali it is always clogged with cars, vans, trucks, buses and motorbikes so the best option is to leave very early in the morning and beat most of the traffic. There are also a number of good breaks at the river mouths along the way, and you will rarely see anyone surfing them. Leaving Kuta head through Denpasar and follow the signs to Tabanan and keep following the main road north west. Season - Wet & Dry Seasons - Early mornings are best as the winds can blow the surf out by midday.
Swell Direction - South
Ideal Wave Size - 4 - 6ft
Best Winds - Early morning with light winds
Break Popularity - Usually no crowd problems, probably due to the distance from the main tourist areas on the Southern Peninsula.  Also many only make a day trip as there is no nightlife available but the locals are very friendly - even in the surf.  When working the Medewi waves will give you long ride but does not offer many tube sections.


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