Goa Lawah

Festivals are held twice a year in about 20,000 temples or pura in Bali. Goa Lawah in Bali is one of the well known venues where even the royal families visit. Goa Lawah in Bali means 'bat cave'in Balinese and in Bali, Goa lawah is a famous tourist attraction, as well as a place of religious place. The center of the temple is built around a cave filled with thousands of bats. Founded in 1007 by Empu Kuteran, Goa Lawah in Bali is small and is considered very lucky and is one of the 9 kayangan jagat that is directional temples that is believe to protect Bali from evil spirits. Goa Lawah in Bali is located on the main road between Kusamba and the turn off for Padangbai.


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