Bali Tulamben USS Liberty ShipWreck

Reef type :
Liberty wreck; wall
Access :
Beach; ship is 30 meters offshore
Visibility :
Fair to good, 12-15 meters
Current  none
Coral :
Good growth of encrusting animals on wreck; fine coral on wall
superb variety, excellent numbers
Highlights :
Full moon night dive on wreck
Other :
fish on wreck are regularly fed and quite tame : during midday. wreck be be crowded

One of our best site is Tulamben, USS Liberty has sunk on January 11, 1942 this ship was hit by torpedoes from a Japanese submarine while crossing Lombok strait. The wreck is lying 6 meters from the beach until 35 meters. Divers simply walk out from the beach, spit in their masks, and go It is provided an accessible and interesting underwater attraction for both diver and snorkeled.


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