Bali parks and gardens

Bali parks and gardens are maintained in a variety of manners. The most private of gardens in Bali is the traditional Pekarangan and it has almost nothing in common with the gardens seen in the West. These are characterized by medicinal herbs, fruits and useful trees like bamboo. The Pelataran variety of garden is more in tune with the aesthetic purpose the garden is supposed to serve. Usually seen around aristocratic households, these gardens characteristically feature aromatic cinnamon trees.
Today, however, with tourism increasing in geometric progression in Bali, it has become only natural for Bali parks and gardens to evolve according to the Western concept. Amusement parks in Bali have become some of the most attractive tourist attraction in Bali.

Sightseeing in Bali has reached different heights with the opening of amusement parks in Bali. One of the most significant amusement parks in Bali is Eka Karya Botanic Garden in Bali.
Besides the scenic parks and gardens in Bali, the National Parks have also arrested attention of the tourist population in the country. These parks and gardens are testimony to man's efforts to conserve nature and its wonders from extinction and mishandling by insensitive people. The wildlife, the rich flora and fauna and the verdant landscapes and forests will make you fall in love with the island.


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