Bali Nusa Penida - Lembongan Island

Reef type :
Drop-offs, steep slopes
Access :
45 minutes to 1,5 hrs by speed boat
Visibility :
Good, 15 meters
Current :
Moderate to very strong (4+ knots)
Very good variety of hard corals; excellent stand of Dendronephthya
Fish :
Excellent variety; many pelagic 
Highlights :
large Scholl of sweet lips, very large hawksbill turtle. Site also hosts sharks, mantas, and even oceanic sunfish
Others ;
Can be very cold ; current are unpredictable and often fierce.
 One and half hour by boat from Sanur beach this two area has many diving spot, its about 12 dive spot with different view along the island. Need very experience diver to dive along the site. Due its current.


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